About us

Aardvark Associates works with food processing entrepreneurs across the United States to produce safe and legal thermally processed ("canned") food products. Dave French is the sole proprietor, and he networks with other professionals to provide a wide range of services.

Dave is a recognized process authority. He specializes in the needs of the small-scale entrepreneur, perhaps someone like you, with over twenty-three years of experience serving them. He has also served as a thermal process specialist and food technologist with the Del Monte Corporation.

Dave holds a PhD in Food Science from the University of Wisconsin, as well as related degrees from the University of California - Davis and Cornell University. He has taught regulatory professionals in the mechanics of thermal process calculation, college students in all aspects of food processing, and processing personnel in processing technologies.

In his spare time, you may find Dave canning his own food, building novel food processing equipment, tending to fruit trees, and working with the local gleaning project.

Dave is a member of the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists, where he has presented several papers. He is also a member of the International Association for Food Protection.

Aardvark Associates 591 Pine Grove Furnace Rd Aspers PA 17304-9652 866-539-2771 or 717-677-6781 dave@processauthority.com